What a ride

We took an hour ride or so this morning through the poorest area of Calcutta, very emotion stirring.

Sorry no photos or videos last night, had a lot of people using my VOIP phone, and I passed out like a log as soon as I laid down.

A couple of people in our group got sick and worn down last night, but all are doing much better today, thanks for your prayers.

So many things I want to write about but they will have to wait until tonight.

Got up at 5 a.m. this morning left at 6 for our ride...can't say enough about how poor the people are here.

One story about a 9 year old boy who earns money for his family by scraping coins off the bottom of the river with a magnet...

More later and photos and hopefully some video.

We love you guys and are so thankful for your prayers and thoughts.

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