The dying and the destitute....

Today will be a very different day for us...

Instead of spending time with children we will be spending the majority of our day at Mother Teresa's first Charitable organization, "The Dying and the Destitute" My facts may be a little off on this, but pretty much...everybody there...dies....

Once you go in...you don't come out, no humor intended.

All they do for them is make them comfortable, that's all that they can do.

We are also going to do some shopping this afternoon, we are going to buy some very nice things for the mothers of the Cleft Palate children in the Pediatrics Ward at the hospital, we are thinking body wash, soaps, etc. Very pleasant smelling things and things they are not used to having.

Air quality continues to be terrible....I had my 3rd nose bleed in 2 days...this one was pretty serious and started right after chapel service got out....got blood all over their nice hardwood floor :-(

Mom...don't worry I am ok!

But I wanted to share that to depict how rough the air quality has been on all of us.

We have to leave in just a few moments....sorry no pictures.... :-(

But I did finish my video I should put it on the blog soon!

Keep us in your prayers!

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