A Far off place

Well we are going out...into the middle of the India Countryside today to spend some time with people in very very rural medical clinics.

Not sure what to expect, it is a little after 5 right now and I am already feeling geared up.

We are literally going out to a place where Christ is not showed off regularly. this is a predominantly Muslim community. We have mostly been dealing with Hindus who have been more or less laid back about our Christianity, so this should be very interesting.

We hope that we can touch the hearts of these people by showing them love like they don't see anywhere else. Mostly this will be women and children who are easier to reach than the men here so that is a plus for us right off the bat.

Our women are going to have to dress a bit more conservatively today than they have been, so far this week t-shirt and capris has been conservative enough, but today they will have to really cover up, which stinks since we will be out in the heat all day. We need lots of water, strength, and prayers from you guys back at home today, we will literally be out in the middle of no where.

That is all I have for now, here are a couple of other pictures I wanted to upload yesterday from the day before, and later I will try and upload yesterday's and todays photos/

God Bless!

Oh yes, prayers again our team leads Chapel service this morning.


karenfaries said...

wow again...just wanted you to know we're praying strength, good smells, and great ministry for y'all and appreciating all your posts....i looked for the first group photo - when you were in your red shirts, but can't find it now...maybe you had to move it...

karenfaries said...

oops silly me. it's on the church website, which i can't see when i'm reading the blog....blonde moment...