*UPDATED* Hello those at home....PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS!!!

Hey Mom and Dad, love you!

We are doing well, today was a very good day!

We worked with children at the Blind School, OH MY GOODNESS they are the most amazing people, precious, beautiful and so very talented!

I don't want to say too much I will let Laura explain in her video, but I will post some photos...along with one photo I have been wanting to post for a while.

Health is pretty good here, off and on one or two of us will feel sick, tired, or both...but we think it is mostly due to lack of sleep, different diet, and lots and lots of continuous travel and hard work, not to mention dehydration and heat exhaustion. We are all always looking after one another so no worries!

We are on a little break before feeding children in the children's ward at the hospital tonight.

Here is Laura.....

Take it away gal....

This sweet little girl singing was born blind, but that wasn't good enough for her parents...they decided in order for her to be a proper begger and more efficient that they would stick her feet in flower pots for an extended amount of time in order to make her handicapped when she walks as well....

Here is a photo of her feet

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Phyllis said...

Thank ou so much for the daily reports! I am so thankful God gave you the opportunity to share His love and have prayed for His presence with you all the way.