Long day yesterday, good...but long

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday afternoon, but we got home late and then pretty much passed out.

We had a great time visiting 3 different rural clinics.

1 Clinic in particular opens at 3 in the afternoon on Thursdays, it has only been open for 2 months, which translates into 8 days...in those 8 days it has served over 1000 patients.

****News BREAK*****
Peanut Butter and Bananas on Toast with breakfast this morning!!!!
Colleen: "All is now right with the world...."

Ryan: "No...you are not right"

Back to our talk about our mission work, I am actually at breakfast trying to get some content up for you guys.

So the clinics were really just amazing, they are literally out in the middle of nowhere. 3 hour drive from the nearest hospital...and most of these people walk, especially the ones who make the trek by foot from Bangladesh.

Today we are going to the Blind school so that should be a really neat experience. We are taking some toys for them to play with, but the most important thing is that they can hear and feel what we bring for them to play with. To be clear, this is a school for Blind Children.

I met the sweetest little girl last night at the third clinic. She was 9 years old, her name was Marian, and she was working on a computer writing thank you letters to people who had donated Rupees to the school. She had the sweetest little voice, and spoke perfect English with a little British accent.

We drove a lot, and a lot, and a lot, and a lot yesterday.....hours and hours.....miles and miles....and we didn't have one accident, our driver Bob-UH-LOU is AWESOME!!!!!

Night time was really scary, there is no roller coaster that can compare to the fear and excitement we get from our rides with Bob-uh-Lou....the difference is you know what to expect with a roller coaster...a beginning, a few loops, and an end.....on this bus...you don't know what to expect....horns honk, people yell, vehicles slam on their breaks, goats and cows fighting in the streets, pedestrians running at full speed in wide receiver hot route patterns with 50 pounds of bricks on their head, and all the while Bob-uh-lou keeps his calm and doesn't flinch one muscle.

Here are some pics....


karenfaries said...

peanut butter AND oatmeal porridge in india! awesome. rain rain and more rain here. but i actually like it. gearing up for kidz blitz saturday and current revival started tonight.
mis u guys....

Pastor Ryan said...

We miss you guys to, be blessed at the Kidz blitz.