I'm Back

Just wanted to take a few moments to say to all my readers out there...oh there aren't any? Well, ok...anyways just wanted to say I'm back and will be revamping this blog soon for some future AWESOMENESS!

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Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, and we had a baby and I got a year older!

Its been a while since I've posted and I am sorry, I will post more soon, but for now here are a few pictures of our little boy!


Ok, So its been more than a while....

Sorry for my absence, I have been busy and absent....

but big update today!

The Baby is a boy!!!!

We will name him Kaden Alexander Rose

Here is a photo and video!


Neat outerspace video

Late Night Fireball alerts Midwestern States


License to Steal program?

About 4 years ago, I did an investigative journalism piece on the Committed to Education License to Learn Program and how schools were following through with their required guidelines.

The idea of the program was to sell education branded license plates in order to raise money to reward students with better technology for the classroom....

Things weren't going as planned, as I was merely a college journalist I only could take the story so far, but other news stations found out what I did as well....not everything is quite as it meets the eye...here is one story from channel 7 out of Little Rock.


Welcome to my Blog!

Yes I know it is the middle of March and haven't said much to you all, but here goes....

Here is a link to where you can find my posts about our Mission Trip to India in 2009
The first post is on October 24,2009 and has some pictures of Tiffany, Colleen Nick, and me!
You may need to scroll down a bit to get there. Once you read all of those you will want to go to the next page to read about the rest of the trip ending sometime in early November!
Click ME to go to the blog posts!

And this is a link to a story the University of the Ozarks has done on our trip there.
Click ME to go to the story!!!

On top of that here is a little something special Tiffany and I wanted to show the world...
a Picture of us!

Well it really is a picture of Tiffany and I...just our DNA combined into a little miracle due on October 23rd, 2010!

More to come later as the world turns.

And remember this people, Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time at all, embrace the day people!