The innocence of children....

Well we have been here for about a full day now.

Everyone so far is blown away by this place, 18 million people packed into this city...we drove for an hour yesterday and we didn't even get half way across the city.

We fear a stomach bug may be circulating among us, please pray for health, peace, and rest for all of us, as time changes, frequent travel, different diet, and not much sleep does not combine for the best health.

The people with the mission here are just great, they have welcomed us with open arms and we went straight to work this morning spending time at school. A few pictures are posted below. I will try and upload some video tonight things have just been crazy.

Look at the smiles on these kids' faces, they get this kind of love and attention only about once a month when a group comes through, their parents don't send them to the school because they care about their education, they do it because they get a free meal.

I have no hostility towards these people, we all truly feel for them. They work so hard and do what they can just to get by...a full weeks worth of work for the average Indian...55-60 hours will only get them about $20-$25. That is not an hourly wage, or a daily wage...that is a weekly wage...which they don't get paid. They receive their payment for labor monthly and have to budget it out. So an average Monthly wage for an Indian citizen is about $80-100. They just can't provide for themselves.

...sorry got to run...going to hospital wing for kids, will post photos and hopefully video tonight!

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karenfaries said...

wow! where are all the appreciative comments? way to go pastor ryan! love the communication. y'all look like you are pumped and ready to minister (speaking in faith!) love you guys.