A New Week A New Day

Today just flew by super fast. It was a super busy day that started early and ended late, but it flew by really fast. It was a good day, I got a lot done, still have tons to do.

Tiffany and I started our first fire in our fire place tonight which is totally cool. It puts out pretty good warmth in about a 5-6 ft area. Tiffany and the cats right now are actually sleeping in front of the fire place...it's sweet.

I set up a small sound system for a guy singing for the Gideon's dinner tonight. He was very nice, had a great voice and was very appreciative. You got to always love when people are extra appreciative.

One of our Big lights exploded during service friday so...we are going to have to replace that which is not easy or cheap...but we will make do. The Lord will provide.

A Great day today and I went 5-2 in today's chunk in my fantasy league improving to 45-22 so that is great as well. I finally will have an entire healthy team at the start of Wednesday's chunk...yay for no more injuries.


Nancy Pelosi: "But I do tell you that if the Democrats win and have substantial majorities, Congress of the United States will be more bipartisan," .....What?

Nicole: "Something is vibrating....Greg...what'd you bring to church?"

Justin: "Greg, do you see that light flickering...."
Greg: "That light?"

Tiffany: "Tom Brady, He plays for the Cubs right?"

Ryan: "Wow that fire is hot"

Kevin: "Ready Camera 4 (We only have 3 cameras)"

Below is what I want for Christmas! For all of you who are looking.

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