Another Day in Paradise

Well in my fantasy basketball league the trade deadline passed yesterday.... *sigh* that is my favorite thing to do in that league...trade, trade, trade, and more trade...everyone in there knows it too...but I am good at it as well.

Well we had a Staff meeting today, and all went well, just making plans for our community wide Thanksgiving service. I had one good idea in there so that was good. We had staff lunch afterward as well...which is always awesome. Our church cook, Sally, is AMAZING!!!! We had Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, and Salad...oh yes and Country Gravy....bad to the bone...I am plump now. I washed it all down with a couple of cups of Sweet Tea too...that hit the spot.

This has been a good week for our website as we already have 500 visits, not hits, but visits. Last week we have over 2100 visits which is GREAT! Work is good.

My friend Evan from college stayed with us this past weekend which was awesome since we had not seen each other in 6 months, sad. Sad to see him go back to Little Rock, but it was still good to have him stay for a while.

Sadly enough he found out on his way home that one of the anchors for the show he produces at KATV Channel 7 in Little Rock was beaten nearly to death in her home in an apparent burglary. She is in critical but stable condition now, keep her in your prayers. Here is the story about it.
News Story Here

On a more positive note the weather is getting cooler and it looks like we will have some good rain tomorrow. Yay! Tiffany and I both love cooler weather and rain, so what is usually a dreary day for others is great for us.

Two weeks ago I spent about a week away from Tiffany on a Mission trip which was the longest time we had been apart since getting engaged, sicne we have been married neither of us could remember being apart for more than 2 nights...if even that. It was nice to come home to a nice home, beatufiul wife, and three lovely kids...I mean cats...sorry. Anyways being away from something you love for a period of time often will remind you how much you love it, or how great it is. I am not encouraging anyone to go a week without their spouse or food or anything like that, but just think about how hard it would be and then realize, "Ahhh, I am a lucky and blessed DUCK!"

Well I think that is about all I get in me, so without further adieu (...?SP) I leave you with some random quotes, and maybe a video if you behave.

Tiffany: "Flop Lilly, Flop, Flop, Flop" (In highest possible pitched voice)
Lilly: "Meow" *Purrrrrr* *Flop and Roll*
Tiffany: "YAY!!!!"

Donna: "This world is nuts" (In reference to Obama/Mother Teresa candle Votive)

Ryan: "Cover me, I am going crazy chicken on these guys!"
Greg: "Your covered"
Butters: "oooooh"
Ryan: "Ok, I found them, but I am pinned down here by the uh...um...this Alamo like thing, Cover Me!!!"
Greg: "Ok, you are covered" *Pop Pop*
Greg: "Are you dead?"
Ryan: "Very"
Butters: "Oh man"

Kristi: "Do you have enoug CDs to make copies for tomorrow"
Ryan: "Probably, how many"
Kristi: "A few...'
Ryan: "...."
Krisit: "200 or so?"
Ryan: "We might need some more CDs"

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