Hump Day as they call it...

Well Wednesday which is our longest day of the week started off very badly...

Tiffany and I realized this morning that our sweetest cat, Lilly, is missing!

The best we can figure is that she slipped out of the garage when we were leaving for work yesterday. We didn't get home last night until after dark and Tiff worked on her computer and I played some video games and went straight to bed, didn't think to look for Lilly, as we didn't let her out of the house.

Well Tiff is home today searching and making fliers and posters, I went by the humane society, but no luck yet.

I kind of feel sick, and that rain I was so looking forward to I wish would hold off while our baby is lost outside.

Our cats are indoor/outdoor, but we only let them out when Tiffany is home. This is easily the longest period of time she has been gone from us.

If you think of it pray a little prayer that she comes home to us.

Well until next time...have a good week.

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