A lost loved one recovered

GREAT NEWS, LILLY is home!!!!

She got stuck in the next door neighbor's garage, I went in and rescued her this morning, she was so happy to see me...or maybe it was simply the prospect of our warm bed and some food and water...I don't know...but we can pretend it was the site of me...at the crack of dawn...eek what a site!

So anyways that was great we were losing sleep over it...literally.

Today I finished moving my office to our upgrade, that was a fun process....moving stinks, and rehooking up and editing suite stinks even more...I doubt rehooking is really a word.

Long story short I got the editing computer up and running, still have some things to take care of before it is finalized...but we are pretty much "IN" our new office now...pictures to come sometime soon. WOOT!!

We have a banquette tonight at the church for Teen Challenge so that should be an awesome event, I am dressed up which is always fun as well.

Well today was a long day, but good as Lilly was recovered.

Here are some random quotes to feed your hunger, and a video of cats in honor of Lilly's return.

Bridgette: "Did you say you barely had your pants on."

Jason: "I am not even going to tell you what I almost said."

Tiffany: "I want a bread stick"

Ryan: "Ok, I got a deal of the life time for you, I will trade you my bookshelf and sofa for your couch...deal?
Michael: "No, way. I like to sit their in the morning and read my Bible."
Ryan: "What do you do...lay back and kick your feet up on some rope lights?"
Bridgette: "Ha ha...rope lights."

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