Let's start off with the basics, my name is...Ryan....my wife's name is Tiffany. I work for a church. I am the media guy! I love basketball and the Houston Rockets are the bomb, I am also a member of a fantasy basketball league that is completley made up...very awesome hobby, but complex to those on the outside, you will hear about it from time to time.

Most people generally don't like Mondays, I guess you could call me indifferent, but Mondays don't bother me one bit. This is my first post on here, I decided I wanted a creative avenue to talk about my life. For friends, family, and anyone else who cares.

Most Mondays for me consist of catching up on e-mails, phone calls, and my long list of things to do...like getting my new office set-up...pretty much the bane of my existence right now. I am having to re-set-up my Editing bay, that equates about 25 cables and another dozen plus components ranging from Mini DV deck to speakers to dual monitors etc. Great when it is up and running...a big pain to move!

Tiffany and I have almost completed our move to our New, Improved, Bigger Office. We didn't even ask for it, the church just wanted to be an extra big blessing! They figure with all the Media junk we have, and as loud as I get sometimes with my video editing, it might be better for us to move down the hall to the bigger and better office! No complaints here, except computers stink to move.

Well it is time for me to call it a day. I will be writing again soon, and I promise not to leave you all hanging on waiting for the next post for too long.

In honor of my best bud Evan Hoffmeyer's Xanga, I leave you with some utterly random quotes!

Evan: "I need Barbecue Sauce with that"
Ryan: "Suace" (In a high pitched 'Shaft' theme song kind of way)
Evan: *excited laugh*

Tiffany: "If I go to my parents tonight, and don't cook dinner, how will you guys survive tonight?"
Evan: *bang bang* "I shot that guy in the foot" (Killing terrorists on Xbox Live)
Ryan: *big smile "We'll survive"

Evan: "Sauce"


Evan: "Schlumberger?"
Ryan: "Do you think they come with cheese?"

Greg: "She gave me the look, got to go, be back aprox 2 hours"

Evan: "Sauce"

Clint: "I'm Old"
Ryan: "No you're not"
Clint: "Fine, I feel old, give me that!"
Ryan:"You win."

Evan: "Sauce"
Ryan: "That will last"

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