Home Home Home!!!

Well we landed in Tulsa, made the bus trip to Van Buren, and Tiffany and I just got home a little bit ago in Ft. Smith.

Travels went relatively well, Kathy's bags got left in Dallas by American Airlines, but they will be delivering them to her tomorrow so that is good.

We are so glad to be home, but sad to have left India as well.

Let me just say though, I have never been more glad to see US Currency, Ground Beef, Drinkable Water, and Fresh Air in my life.

The trip was awesome and all too short. God did a great deal in us while we were there and it has really changed all of our lives for the better.

Over the next couple of days I will post some more photos and videos so you guys can see more of the details of our trip.

Again thanks for following us here on the Blog and for your prayers. We are glad to be home in the good old US of A!

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