Good Morning...evening...morning....

Well it is morning here for us, our time didn't change with the Fall forward as yours did.

We are about to go the Chapel, Michael Ray is preaching the devotion this morning.

We were up early early early, left on the bus at 5 something to go and feed hundreds of children and women in rural villages, sadly the two scoops of rice we gave them is the only meal they will most likely have today.

They were interested with all of us "fair skinned" people, but didn't seem to mind too much once we started scooping out the rice, they really flew through these 3 HUGE pots of it.

We are going to Mother Teresa's house today, it is where her actual tomb is. She is extremely important to the people here because of all that she did for them and this area.

I still have some photos from last night's church service I want to post, but they will have to wait, I want to put up a few photos from this morning.

Something I forgot to mention last night was that worship was in English and Hindi, and let me tell you...the language barrier was non-existent, I as well as the rest of the team enjoyed the music in Hindi just as much if not more than the English Praise and Worship, it was truly amazing!

...well time to leave...sorry photos later, but let me say they are awesome photos!

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