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WELCOME TO THE BLOG to those of you who are visiting for the first time today please read the other posts below with videos, pictures, and of course my lovely commentary.

We had church this morning at the Baptist church in town, we were invited by Orijeet, one of the Volunteer/Hospital Administrator's here. It is his home church, Robert told us that he has never invited anyone from one of the groups to his church before. We have gotten along really well with everyone here. Orijeet is such an awesome guy!

After church today we went to the nurses school which was a really neat experience, didn't get to see as much of it due to the fact that it is an all girls school and a lot of the floors and rooms are a "girls only" kind of thing, but from what I heard it was neat. The coolest thing is that they live there and go to school there and are bussed over to the hospital to work, it is a really cool program.

We did a little shopping during our down time this afternoon, really it was just a time to relax, eat some ice cream, and have some time to smile together.

Tonight we went to the local AG church, and it was simply amazing! They had awesome Praise and Worship, great preaching and the most wonderful people. After church we went out for some authentic Chinese food, it was excellent as well...I feel plump! I was so thirsty so I had: 1 Fresh Lime Soda, 1 Coca Cola in a glass bottle, and 1 ThumsUp in a glass bottle.... :-) Yum! I had the distinct honor of sitting with Orijeet at dinner tonight, I got to pick his brain for about 2 hours as we shared the similarities and differences in our cultures, we both came to the conclusion that we married above our status, our wives are brilliant, and that neither of them have the best sense of direction :-)

He is a really great guy and has a wonderful family, it will be tough leaving here in a couple of days. We have got to spend a good amount of time with the younger volunteers here; Danielle, Brook, Donny, and Joel. All four of them are under 30 so I see eye to eye with them which is nice. They have taken pretty good care of us on our times out in the city. We travel and groups and they direct us and keep track of us. Joel does mostly media work here with photography, filming, and video editing, Danielle does a great deal of administrative work both here and back home in the states, she will be moving soon to the "Home of Hope" for women in Calcutta which I am sure she is looking forward to, Brook does a lot of organizing with children programs and is producing and maintaining the profiles for the children at the blind school, Tiffany got to help her with that on our visit, Donny is a number cruncher spending his time here helping the hospital with what I can only guess is some financial management and some other systematic organization, as far as I can tell he has been very successful. Again I can't stress how nice it has been to have them around.

Here are some pictures from yesterday I didn't have the chance to post up. I hope that you guys enjoyed the video in church this morning. I will try and post some pictures from today in the late morning tomorrow, we start our day of tomorrow at 5 a.m. with a feeding event, we should be feeding roughly 25,000 people tomorrow morning, I hope to have some really good video and pictures for you from that.

Take care, God Bless, and enjoy the photos! The outside and inside of St. Paul's temple!

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