2 Years in review

Ok I am sure that I don't have time right now to truly recap the last two years we have been here at Butterfield, but today is our 2 year anniversary. It has really flown by in comparison to the time we were in Tennessee.

Since we have been here we have been a number of mission trips which include Skid Row in California, Indian Reservations in Arizona, Children's Homes in Arkansas, Calcutta India among others. Those trips have truly been the highlight of our time here.

Other big projects I have worked on have been our annual Mission's Banquet Video highlighting the work of Missionaries we support as well as the missions work our teams have done as well.

We have completed two Easter Drama Passion Plays, 2 Christmas Productions, 2 Prayer Paths, and several Big Ole' Fashioned Southern Gospel Singings and Gaitherings.

Up next are a few more Southern Gospel Nights, completion of a couple missions videos, a short film, another prayer path, and a Women's Conference just to name a few.

We are staying pretty busy here and are continually looking forward to the next mission trip we can be a part of.

Up next this weekend is a trip to U of O for a Board of Directors meeting and a dinner with the President, one of our most cherished activities!

Talk with you later!

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