Ok, I'm a bad guy...

I haven't posted in over a month! EEEK...

What has happened since then? Well it was last year..so that means New Years and Christmas happened so that was fun, I got Tiffany and IPOD Touch, which she loves.

I am officially in the middle stages of launching my side business as a Personal Career Advancement Consultant.

I am going to be launching a website that does this....

I have a small company that specializes in Career Advancement and Personal Job Search Consulting.

We are small company that doesn’t have a ton of clients. Why am I advertising that? Because it is good for you! We do “one on one” personal consultations with each of our clients. We will meet with you in person, over the phone, through e-mail, or through our webcasting services.

When you add our resume/cover letter writing and editing services along with our creation of a professional and innovative online portfolio you become the leader among your peers in your job hunt.

Your online portfolio, or website resume, is not just one page with your resume posted on it. It is a full 5-10 page site with a personalized home page, a bio page, a resume page, a references page, an accolades page, an experience page, a works page, and many other possibilities. Your site will also include photos of you and different ways to contact you.

After the purchase of one of our packages, you not only have a very attractive and informative Web site, resume and cover letter, but you get your documents mailed to you on a CD in MS Word Format, Scannable versions, PDF version and JPEG formats.

We also will do search engine optimization for your new website along with assisting you in your job hunt.

Just because we finish your project doesn’t mean we are done with you, depending on your package, we give you a number of different follow up meetings as well as changes, additions, and subtractions to your site.

Here are a few samples of our work.




Here is a testimonial from one of our most recent clients…

“Ryan created a complete website for me to assist in my job search. He had outstanding ideas in how to present the information, and was able to easily guide me through the process of providing him exactly what he needed to develop a quality site. The beauty of what Ryan did for me is that now I can easily supply prospective employers and friends with a link to my site that always contains the latest version of my resume. I can update it and refine it anytime along with the rest of the site. Ryan is a professional who knows his stuff! He was incredibly easy to work with and provided great encouragement along the way. For someone like me who appreciates the Internet and wants to stay ahead of the technological curve, but does not have the personal experience to create a site from the ground up, Ryan was a God-send!”

If you have interest please email us at ryanrose@journalist.com

We kill the competition with our unbelievably affordable rates, and we have no automated services, only real individuals who want to help you succeed.

I have not officially decided on a name yet, so all ideas and help is very welcomed.

Hopefully I will post something else another day soon.

Got church tonight so that should be great as well.

We have a night of Worship on Monday and that was awesome.


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