Camping in the Winter

Ok....technically it isn't winter yet...but this weekend it felt like winter when we went camping with Michael and Bridgette.

We went up to White Rock and did some tent camping, made a fire, went on a hike, cooked our own food...very fun.

The best way I can describe where our camp out was located at would be to say..."go out into the middle of nowhere...turn right...and then go about ten more miles.

I will upload some pictures soon...

We did really good with everything, putting up and breaking down tents...building fires...etc.

The only thing that went bad was that I picked up a scalding hot rock and burned my fingers pretty good...they are getting better, so other than that it was a GREAT camping trip.

Well the wind blew literally between 40-50 mph on top of the mountain where our site was at...and the temp was sub 40 degrees pretty much the entire time too, but that just added to the fun of it.

We had a little dog that lead us on our 3-4 mile hike around the edge of the mountains...it was a great hike, great scenery and just awesome to be out and about in the fresh mountain air. There was actually one point where we saw somewhere around 100 leaves floating UP it was really cool. Pretty colored leaves defying gravity all at the same time.

Like I said I will upload some pictures ASAP. Until then here are some fun random quotes....

Gary: "Manuel told C.R. that if he went into the bathroom and rubbed some alcohol on that, it would get all better...."

Bridgette: "That is the difference between 24...and 29"

Tiffany: "She is a cute dog...here puppy puppy puppy"
Bridgette: "She looks like...a...Missy...we'll call her Missy...here Missy....Missy...you are kind of pudgy"

Ryan: "Ow ow ow ow hott hott hott"

Greg: "Move any love seats lately"

Tiffany: "you can't stab on an empty stomach!"

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